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Silicone Striped Straws (4 Pack)

Silicone Striped Straws (4 Pack)


Green Directs Phenomenal Silicone Straw is Your #1 Recommended item to stock up NOW!

The straw is made with many super quality characteristics to ensure our customers 100% Satisfaction.
These straws are manufactured with great care and with the safest food grade silicone possible to make sure you get the highest quality straws.
Green Direct straws comes in a box of 4. Designed with 4 different cute, neon colors: Red, Pink, Yellow, and Neon Green; each one is striped to enhance your drink. It is a "Great" idea to present someone special at any time with this adorable, useful gift. It is also perfect for your children to make sure everyone has there own color without mixing up.
The straw are long enough to reach the bottom of any cup or drink enabling you to enjoy the "entire" drink, smoothie, or shake; but you could also detach the top part of the straw for any shorter drink or for very young children.
The straws are: BPA free, Lead free, Phthalates free, and Dishwasher safe.
Also an effective drinking aid for the elderly or those with drinking difficulties - they are soft, flexible, and adaptable. 9 1/4" long and easily cut to size.
These straws can be used on smoothies, bar drinks, tea, coffee, water sports bottles, disposable drinks, and at any occasion!

So do not hesitate but do the right thing and stock up on these straws now and you will NEVER regret it!!!

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