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2 Compartment Containers w/ Lids (10 Pack)

2 Compartment Containers w/ Lids (10 Pack)


These FABULOUS food containers are perfect to be fitted into a cooler.

It matters very little that they are propped vertically inside due to it's leak proof character.

It has an easy to "unlock" front lid

Holds up very nicely in the dishwasher for easy cleaning

These containers are great for making lunches for the week and popping it into the freezer

It's thick walls keep cold items cold and hot items hot

These versatile lunch containers are microwavable for the ideal take out container

Stock up on these FABULOUS lunch box containers with there many excellent characters


Dishwasher safe


Freezer safe

Designed to last

BPA free

A must to have in your house, and something that will make your life easier and better in every way

Try it once you will surely be 100% satisfied!!!!

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