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We customize your print on PET Plastic cups! Ask us for details!
We customize your print on PET Plastic cups! Ask us for details!

About us

Green Direct is The Brand which has been serving Our Great Customers over the last century with its Great Quality, Super Prices, and Durable Products.

  • Explore Green Direct Products which is made to joy your life and fulfill your dreams. With our Fantastic Products you will always be surrounded by a Sophisticated choice of high quality product to glamorize your life.

  • Green Direct is Bringing to you the latest most fashionable products which help people in their daily lives.

  • Green Direct has a huge selection of everything you need in your kitchen for Cooking and Baking for storage after cooking and baking.

  • Green Direct has many styles and sizes of the best meal prep containers and Boxes. No matter you want to store it away for a longer period or for your next day lunch. Green Direct has the Perfect item ready for you.

  • After Kitchen Chores Green Direct has designed the Greatest cleaning supplies to ease your cleaning burden to its maximum.

  • Green Direct has also an Adorable line of Precious kids products made to enhance kids’ life and meals. We carry a full line of kid’s utensils, cups, plates, lunch containers, and much more.

  • Green Direct is designing a full line of Dinning supplies of the most fashionable and amazing durable, disposable, plastic plates, cups, and utensils, made to splendor any Upscale Dinner, Wedding, or Celebration.

  • Green Direct has build over the years a reputation of the being the “Best” in Customer Service. Our Outstanding, Devoted, Representatives are always ready to assist you with any matter which arises.

  • Green Direct would be honored to call you our customer. We look forward to the privilege of fulfilling all your needs.

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