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Free Shipping on orders over $50
Free Shipping on orders over $50

About us

Green Direct is The Brand which has been serving Our Great Customers over the last century with its Great Quality, Super Prices, and Durable Products.

  • Explore Green Direct Products which is made to joy your life and fulfill your dreams. With our Fantastic Products you will always be surrounded by a Sophisticated choice of high quality product to glamorize your life.

  • Green Direct is Bringing to you the latest most fashionable products which help people in their daily lives.

  • Green Direct has a huge selection of everything you need in your kitchen for Cooking and Baking for storage after cooking and baking.

  • Green Direct has many styles and sizes of the best meal prep containers and Boxes. No matter you want to store it away for a longer period or for your next day lunch. Green Direct has the Perfect item ready for you.

  • After Kitchen Chores Green Direct has designed the Greatest cleaning supplies to ease your cleaning burden to its maximum.

  • Green Direct has also an Adorable line of Precious kids products made to enhance kids’ life and meals. We carry a full line of kid’s utensils, cups, plates, lunch containers, and much more.

  • Green Direct is designing a full line of Dinning supplies of the most fashionable and amazing durable, disposable, plastic plates, cups, and utensils, made to splendor any Upscale Dinner, Wedding, or Celebration.

  • Green Direct has build over the years a reputation of the being the “Best” in Customer Service. Our Outstanding, Devoted, Representatives are always ready to assist you with any matter which arises.

  • Green Direct would be honored to call you our customer. We look forward to the privilege of fulfilling all your needs.

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