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We customize your print on PET Plastic cups! Ask us for details!
We customize your print on PET Plastic cups! Ask us for details!

Clear Plastic Salad Bowl with lid

  • Green Direct Salad bowl is a perfect combination of a Sophisticated looking Salad Bowl with Lid and Lunch Container. It is Durable yet disposable and it enables you to keep your lunch neat, organized and Delicious.
  • These Salad Bowl with Lids is Leak proof and aids you in relishing a delicate container for your fresh cut up fruits. The tight selling lid qualifies the fruit to stay fresh even you pack it a night before eating, or take it along on a lengthy day trip.
  • Are you looking for the Ideal Large Salad Bowl which should be a salad or snack container and should also be handy & easy to carry? Are you searching for a salad bowl which should be disposable, yet lovely to set at your dinner table for salad, dressing, crackers or fruits? This is the 2-in-1 creation you were always viewing for… The Green Direct Salad Bowl is handy, compact and yet Good-looking to take along to work, send a beloved one a pleasing salad, and set at your banquet as a centerpiece.
  • We at Green Direct strive to provide you the utmost quality possible. Our Salad-to-go Bowl are designed with you in mind and it is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our Greatest Satisfaction is when our customers are happy with their purchase. So, there is no need to worry just make sure to add the product to your cart and you will surely enjoy it.